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A person sat on concrete steps by the door 

He felt so heavy and could move no more 

He looked into the dark sky far above 

The moon feathered with clouds like a silver- white dove 

Below, the river flowed so dark 

Reflecting the light, but absorbing it’s spark 

He said. “I can’t stand. I wanna fly far away” 

And not an ounce of his mind could find reason to stay 

But God whispered down into his ear that warm night “I know it’s hard. But please, continue your fight.”


Poem For Who? 

Behind everyone’s eyes 

There’s a lot of lies

boxes of stories 

A few goodbyes 

Meaningless smiles 

Pretty words and songs 

But behind their eyes 

Everything’s gone wrong

Most of us see

the smiles outside

But I know you see 

The tears they have cried 

The pieces they’ve lost 

To this world so hard 

And you wonder if 

They’ll let down their guard

And maybe they will

So you say maybe a word

But you have no idea 

If you were heard

Believe me though

You kind person you

You’re one of the best

And one of the few 

Who care for the lost 

The alone and afraid

So please don’t give up

Keep saying that phrase

Stay alive I-/

I’m here

Or just, hello

Don’t fear 

Any word you say

brings life back to them

And I’m proud to call you

My best friend 


The Scribe Runner’s End



Luke 12:2

For the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.”

Luke 17:33

“Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will keep it.”

Music- From the show Berlin Station (found on Spotify can also be found on Apple Music)

  • The Potsdamer Platz showdown
  • My Final Message


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Land of the Free





Land of the Free

I stood alone on my driveway today

For 17 minutes I watched the flag wave

I may be homeschooled but I do know

Exactly who died one month ago

I stood on the gravel and watched the trees

The birds singing loudly through the leaves

In this beautiful land, I was born and have grown

Watching love and hate war over my home

I remembered the many who have died in my life

Because of anger, and hate, and strife

I trembled, I breathed, but I couldn’t see straight

My heart hurt for their families and I prayed against hate

I don’t want to argue in anger today

I just want to honor 17 and more who’ve gone away

I’m standing in silence, not in a crowd

But today I do not need to be loud

Evil and hatred kill children in school

But we need love today to rule

I stood today to remember my land

This place where we are free to stand

But I know today that it’s more than just me

Because this is the home of the brave and the land of the free


My Sister Gave Me Her Masterpiece – Poetry



My Sister Gave Me Her Masterpiece

My sister painted a masterpiece

She gave it just to me

A tiny boat, with fluttering sail

Tossed upon the sea

She gave to me her heart

A few brushstrokes of color strong

On a tiny scrap of canvas

It sings to me, a song

Of a yellow sun, pale in the sky

Of deep cerulean sea

Of a lighthouse in the distance

Of shadowed birds flying free

My sister gave me her masterpiece

And though most don’t see my prize

I look on it and see myself

Flying through the skies

When I see my little sailboat

I imagine its long quest

The final view of land in sight

So the sailors can finally rest

Sometimes I feel my aching heart

Worn by journeys far and wide

Like the tiny scrap of canvas

I’m so, so tired inside

But the little boat reminds me

That the shore is still to come

And then I’ll look into the sky

And see the burning Sun

My Dad Gave Me A Painting – Poetry



My Dad Gave Me A Painting

My dad gave me a painting

Color washing vibrant cloth

Runaway from the northern land

To the southern sun like a moth

The gently creased cloth

Holds colors beyond my sight

It’s a scene of mountain majesty

And birds taking flight

Both pinks and vibrant greens

Laden the peach tree

Mystic mushrooms sprout

Roses bloom, ever free

I try to pick out new details

The artist’s eye my own

For I feel her heart in the painting

Yearning for her home

She yearns for the freedom

Of her mountains and her world

Since she can’t speak the words aloud

Her masterpiece unfurled

In the mountains there cascades

Icy waters, misty clouds

So secret, yet so perfect

Mountains that mystery shrouds

My dad gave me this painting

He brought it home and said

Do you hear the artists heart

Through her greens and blues and reds

Someday I’m going to find her

And the mountains, we will climb

And then, we’ll both begin our art

And forget all about time

My Mom Gave Me A Lighthouse – Poetry



LIGHTHOUSEMy Mom Gave Me A Lighthouse

My mom gave me a lighthouse

It shines brightest in the sun

It hangs above my windowsill

Its journey just begun

It’s a window made of stained glass

Cool blues and leafy greens

A white and stately tower

Cracked a little in the seams

It dangles from a hangar

Resting on the curtain rod

Swaying gently now or later

Stability a facade

Sometimes I glance to the lighthouse

From my bed and reading space

And admire the soaring seagulls

That wheel in stasis ‘round its face

The bluedom of the ocean

The candle’s steady light

Refracted by the setting sun

Descending from its height


My mom gave me this lighthouse

It calms and soothes my heart

Sometimes I see the light shine

Even in the dark

So on a rocky cliffshore

There’s a lighthouse on the sea

And maybe I’ll remember

The lighthouse given just to me

Ash- A Dream 3/2/17



Many apologies for not posting and sorry this is pretty dark friends, I had this dream on the Second of March and when I came back and read it yesterday I felt like it had more potential so I rewrote it and here it is. Oh lol I realize that everything I write is apocalyptic- so sorry about that :O

No specific music to listen to while reading this one, but maybe afterward check out this music duo,Really awesome chill music peoples 😀

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Conversely Understood Pt 2.




I actually got these converse about six months ago now, took this picture on the bus the night I got them.  These shoes inspired this story, but I’m gonna keep writing it a little– see where it goes.

Here’s a playlist for you guys when you’re tired or sad or just need to relax. It’s instrumental so you can study to it too 🙂 It’s seriously, my favorite playlist on 8tracks.

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